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Altered Reality


Hampshire, United Kingdom

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"Altered Reality" is a modern contemporary larp set in a world where technology has failed, starvation and disease is rife and inhuman creatures stalk the land. After two plagues which robbed Britain of law, order and essential resources, it is up to the various player groups to work together or fight each other in order to survive, or even begin to rebuild a new society.

The annual events are self-catered camping, focusing on character development and role-playing opportunities. A skill tree system allows for individual character progression and we want players to help direct the plot and game development through their own actions and decisions.

The end of the world as we knew it wasn't sudden or shocking; the signs were there for everyone to see. Protests from first extortionate petrol prices, then rioting due to fuel shortages spread across the country. Conspiracy theories about aircraft crashes and computer failures further agitated a disgruntled public, until months later the government announced the existence of "Metal Fatigue" - a metal eating bacteria which spawned a myriad of popular conspiracy theories.
It wasn't until food shortages caused by growing infrequent overseas trade and the collapse of mobile and international communications that the real problem became clear - medicines could not be produced, power failed and the banks started reporting loss of financial data - our dependence on now obsolete computers seemed to be our downfall.
A new form of influenza is now spreading, hospitalising millions and stretching the healthcare system beyond breaking point. The police withdrawn to "high priority area" in the cities, leaving urban areas lawless; rioting and looting are becoming commonplace. Vague reports of nuclear explosions in other countries is causing panic regarding metal fatigue affecting British nuclear reactors.