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Age of Essence


London, United Kingdom

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Age of Essence is a LARP system that has been set up to give the players a fully customizable experience. You are not restricted to follow a set class. instead you can build your own class and choose skills to fit your unique character. You can create a mixed class character like a battle mage or a thief merchant.

The world is influenced by the decisions and actions of the players. everything can change and adapt to follow the path of the player. Although the system has a team of experienced refs, the players always find ways to surprise them and take the story on an unexpected twist. because of this the refs can never grantee what is going to happen. but what we can grantee is that whether your are an experienced larper or a first timer you will meet new friends and have tons of fun.

Come join us on a fun open adventure! We welcome anyone to come along and get stuck into a fantasy world where anything can happen. No matter your age or experience our friendly ref team are more than happy to help you along this amazing journey. Age of Essence also provides a squires guild where even the very young heroes under the age of 16 can train to reach their full potential.

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