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Faded Glory LRP


Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

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Welcome to the world of Rhiona, a lush and verdant world full of life and joy...no longer.

The world has been overrun, the forces of the undead Lich Lord cover it. The last few survivors of the Living races huddle in isolated pockets desperately trying to find a way to take back the world. And as if that wasn't enough an ancient enemy has risen again. The T'cra, strange creatures not of this world, have broken free of the prison that trapped them and are determined to take the world for themselves. As these two immense forces struggle to overcome each other the Living races are caught in the middle, fighting to survive.

Who knows how long we have before one side gains the upper hand and comes looking for us in force. Perhaps this was not a good time for you to enter the world of Rhiona but if you have strength of spirit and a good sword arm do not go meekly in to the dark abyss of death, fight for your survival, fight with every last ounce of your strength and just maybe, together, we can make a difference.