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Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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Swordpunk is an organisation that provides weapons training through workshops and residential warrior weekends. Emphasis is put on the fun side of weapons training to provide a platform to learn skills to enhance your characters.

Swordpunk's aim is to give participants a practical overview of swordsmanship, drawing on techniques from a variety of disciplines. The taught exercises will be suitable for all skill levels, but more experienced participants will be encouraged to further develop their skill with a rang...e of variations upon the basic techniques, and will be encouraged to explore and experiment with experienced tutor, Dan Smith, on hand to guide and teach.

Dan Smith trains regularly with longsword, single sword, sword and buckler, staff weapons and dagger from the Liecthenauer tradition (Western martial arts). He has also trained in stage combat and sports fencing. Over the years Dan has also had the good fortune to train with many incredible weapon teachers from many disciplines across the world.

Swordpunk has been created to allow the passing on of skills for use in stage combat, Larping, cos-play and to those who just want to have some light-hearted fun with swords, throwing knives and whips to name but a few.

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