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Hampshire, United Kingdom

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The year is 1802. It is almost 100 years since the rare mineral known as Animatium was discovered and that century has seen significant change in the fortunes of Britain and its European neighbours. Nations have expanded, absorbing those without the power to stand against them. Wars have been fought over access to Animatium and over the attitudes towards those who can use it. The emergence of Dreamers has meant that even in sleep a man's secrets are not always safe. Some nations seek to find the secrets that will bring them dominance, the race to discover the true power of Animatium uses up resources at an alarming rate, others search for ways to ensure peace, a seemingly rare commodity in modern times.

Animatium aims to run small events concentrating on characters against a backdrop of politics, exploration and the threat of war. We hope to provide events which balance character stories with the opportunity to influence the game world. For those who wish to do so we plan to allow for 'interactive' downtimes where actions between games can be influenced by what is going on in the world and what other characters are doing.

At events we hope to achieve a balance between politics, social interaction, character development and action.

We believe our world background and character creation rules balance providing enough information to give a feel for the world with the opportunity to create unique characters. By keeping events relatively small we hope to be able to create a 'personal' feel to the game.