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Organiser Name Region Country View
Singularity PlanningBristolUnited KingdomView
Wildlands LARPBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomView
Pathfinder LARPBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomView
Troll's BridgeBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomView
Fallen EmpireBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomView
The Wayfarer ChroniclesCambridgeshireUnited KingdomView
Egypt Players (ODC)CambridgeshireUnited KingdomView
Cambridge Larp SocietyCambridgeshireUnited KingdomView
Mirror StateCambridgeshireUnited KingdomView
Hell Box GamesCambridgeshireUnited KingdomView
Dreambox Live StorytellingCambridgeshireUnited KingdomView
Dark Tempus LARPCheshireUnited KingdomView
Forever's DestinyCheshireUnited KingdomView
The Midnight FleetCheshireUnited KingdomView
DoomCo LarpCornwallUnited KingdomView
ChaosgateCornwallUnited KingdomView
Taverns, Caverns and Bad'unsCornwallUnited KingdomView
SASRA FRPCumbriaUnited KingdomView
Phoenix RebornCumbriaUnited KingdomView
Ascendancy LRPDerbyshireUnited KingdomView
Dark ColonyDerbyshireUnited KingdomView
Lorien TrustDerbyshireUnited KingdomView
The Dark DoorDerbyshireUnited KingdomView
Second Chance LARPDevonUnited KingdomView
Fields Of IllusionDevonUnited KingdomView