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Shadows of the Past Serenity LRP

May 29th - May 31st 2015

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Serenity LRP


Sci Fi


On the rare occasions people mention Shadow; it is with hushed voices and haunted eyes, as if somehow even the very name of that world can bring ill luck. During the War something terrible happened there, something so appalling that even the thought of it is enough to make hardened veterans from both sides of the conflict pale.
Before the war, Shadow was an idyllic world of open pastures and bountiful herds. Sheep, cattle, horses all were raised and treasured. Crops prospered and the exported wheat and other staples fed many worlds.
From rolling plains to rugged mountains, the world was studded with ranches and small towns where the people grew fit, resourceful and independent. The human population was never huge, there were no ‘modern’ cities but when war came, those rugged people flocked to the Independence banner to defend their way of life…and a generation died or were displaced even before their homeworld was destroyed.

That was some twelve years ago. Since then, the ‘verse has moved on, the Alliance has changed, those who wore brown during the war have made lives for themselves, children have been born and grown to near adulthood who never knew the ‘verse before the war and many veterans from both sides simply seek to forget the horror and remember their friends.

So it is with mixed feelings and not inconsiderable shock that a number of ship captains receive the following message as an old fashioned paper letter slipped into their documents or over a Cortex they had thought blocked.

At the end of the message are both the location of the planet* and of your intended landing site along with quite precise instructions with regard to flight path and approach.

*It is unlikely that anyone who was not a pilot or on ships a lot during or before the war will immediately recognise these coordinates as Shadow.
**Any Shepherds of the Christian flavour and anyone who was involved in the messier parts of the war will recognise the Order as one with a reputation for Service under the worst of conditions. During the War they were there evacuating casualties from both sides and providing humanitarian aid without any though for their own safety in the most appalling conditions.

Important notes:
Anyone wanting to bring in a New Character in at this event will either need to arrange in advance to be aboard one of the ships or contact me to discuss a setting appropriate option. Suffice it to say, there are no random spaceship crew just sitting around on this planet but there are opportunities for introducing a small number of new players if needed.

Additional note:
Although there may be occasional small amounts of food served during the event as part of the plot; this is not a catered event.

There will however be kitchen facilities available for player use.


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