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Forsaken event 0: Sanctuary Broken Dreams

Aug 22nd - Aug 23rd 2015

Organiser / Campaign

Broken Dreams




“Sanctuary” is set 6 months before event 1 of Forsaken LRP (a modern day biblical apocalypse game) and the standard game time line. Intended as a prequel game “Sanctuary” will play through the events which led to the formation of the event 1 player character party. How did it go down? It’s up to you to decide...

6 months ago everything changed, the dead stopped staying dead and worst of all they want you to join them. In the first days there was hope, rumours and vague reports spread like wildfire of Angels clad in white gold stood side by side with those brave enough to stand against the dead. Hundreds if not thousands flocked to fight the good fight, all because of rumour and hear say. Well maybe not you.

Maybe you were smart, you ran, begged, borrowed, and maybe even stole to get supplies and a safe place to hide. Not only from the walking dead but also the vile filth they speak over and over. From this place you listened as war against the dead raged, in some places it lasted for days, in others months but in the end everything fell silent. Except for the dead.

Those who went to fight did not fare well, friends, allies, comrades and eventually the barricades broke. You never saw any Angels, no sign of victory, just the dead rising….

And that’s your story so far. The power is out, the internet is gone and supplies are dwindling. The talking dead are hunting the living, staying in one place for more than a week is perilous. On 22nd August 2015 small groups of you will find yourself in the same place at the same time.

How you ended up in an isolated part of the Midlands is your story to tell.

If you have booked for event 1 then you will be able to use the character you have created already, additionally this game is also open to player who have not booked for event 1 but who are maybe considering playing in the future or just want to play as a one off.

The event will run from 11.30 am through until between 11pm and midnight. It will use the full Forsaken rules.

If you have booked event 1 and are not interested in playing or cannot make the event have no worries. We plan to write a brief narrative (with player help) for everyone attending event 1 covering the 6 months after this event including how characters not at Sanctuary met the main group.


Frog Lane
Balsall Common
West Midlands
United Kingdom



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