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DUTT - 3YGB 2015 Durham University Treasure Trap Society

Jun 5th - Jun 7th 2015


High Fantasy


On the streets players act out their dramas, familiar characters mirroring the cities woes and triumphs, weaving magic into their words. Duelists cross blades in the plaza San Marco, within sight of the Marquis’s palace, setting all civic matters with a rush of steel and cloth. In dark places and hidden rooms secret societies meet, discussing what course the city should take. In the gilded halls and gambling dens the trade guilds count their silver and ponder how to make it grow. In their homes the rich and powerful are waited on by the possessed, while others still play courtier to the Greater Demons that hold sway in the city. Those that have been forgotten, broken, that are too weak or poor to play the great game wait in Venice below, scratching out what living they can.

Things are because they have always been. Tradition, ritual, superstition. In a city as old as Venice, there is danger in deviating from the script, you never know what is watching.

The Masque of Shattered Mirror has always started on the sunset of the longest day of the year.

It has always been held on the island of Pellestrina, a place forbidden except holy days. It has always started with the Hunt. The mask of the city has always be laid upon the altar. A glass of wine has always been poured out for the spirit of the lagoon. Little things, that must be done, trappings for the most important social event of the year. The time the rich and powerful of the city jostle to see who will come out on top. But under the facade of decedent ease in the city something sinister is lurking.

The tides have been dangerously high, strange voices have been heard in the mist. In the poorer regions of the city resentment bubbles amongst those who have fallen through the cracks, and the spirit of the city has called for a new Marquis. Those with demon blood lines have had disturbing dreams. Rumors run wild. Some people say the gods are unhappy because of the cities relationship with the Greater Demons, others whisper that this is the price of deal done long ago. Either way, something is stirring in the depths...

OOC information: The Beast Below will be a three day interactive style larp event over one of the weekends at the end of term. Transport will be provided from the DSU if people need it to get to site, however this will cost an additional fee. How much will depend on how far away the site is, and we will let you know as soon as we have the information. This event will use the TT rules and setting, but won’t involve characters from the main game or past 3ygbs. There are a large number of player slots and a smaller number of monster crew slots for people who want to help with cooking and stabbing up/ traumatizing the characters.

For this event, characters are pre-generated from player requests based on the event pitch above. Third-Years - players who are graduating finalists at Durham University this year, or who have otherwise been in the society for three years - will have the event written to focus around their preferences - non-third-year characters may have some things changed to fit! For this reason, it's helpful to add notes to your form to let us know if there is anything you absolutely do or do not want to play.The power level for this event will be relatively low compared to past 3YGB events. If you want to ask about any particular aspects of the event, please poke the Head Ref (Ellen Green) or the ref team (Mike Evans, Reesha Dyer, Jeanette Ng, Olwen Lachowicz, Sean Patterson and Matt Plumb) in person for a chat or via the email below.

If you wish to character your booking form must be sent to the ref team by DECEMBER 12, Crew forms will be accepted until May 20


Langdale End
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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