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Omnia Mutantur; Everything Changes Debbie Starbuck/Gideon Lawrence

Apr 3rd - Apr 5th 2015

Organiser / Campaign

Debbie Starbuck/Gideon Lawrence




This event is 45-48 hours long with 24h time-in. All players will sleep in character! No tents are required however you will likely need a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat, it will be cold. You will have time to sleep, but don't expect much or a good nights sleep however :)

Theme will be a modern day horror, little to no costume/equipment will be required making it available to anybody whether you've larped before or not! If you're tough enough ;-)

Tickets/Installments -Pay in 3x £20 installments over a payment of 3 months
Standard - £60
Student/Unemployed - £50

Food should be included in the price, but has not been confirmed as yet, crewing is free. This event is designed to be terrifying, as such there is an age limit of 18. No drink/drugs are allowed on site.

More information pertaining to the plot will become available as decided upon. All details are subject to change if required, though there will be minimal disruption if any!


Kingsford Country Park
West Midlands
DY11 5SA
United Kingdom


£60 Standard, £50 for students/unemployed

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