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Oct 12th 2014

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High Fantasy


Even with the events of 111/112AE patrolling in the area surrounding Carlin Howham has always been considered something of a soft job; for all that it’s effectively on a border, with a Hassani Eagles trading post to the East and one of the edges of Arboria to the South it’s surrounded by acquaintances at the very least, and the Shift site at Maiden Ery is looked after by its own permanent collection of researchers and diplomatic staff. As such, where other parts of the Kingdom require the best and bravest on the patrols just to have a chance of surviving Carlin Howham’s requirements are that you are keen, willing to learn, and want to take your first step on the patrolling ladder (even for the second or third time). All you need to do is show up to the Patrol Hall and present yourself – and if you have one, a reference from your Guild or other authority – to Mr Samuel Proots, current patrol organiser and paperwork handler.

There is a rumour on the wind, however, that something isn’t quite right in this sleepy corner of the Barony – something that’s making the Kingdom nervous, and keen to get the new patrolees out on their rounds as soon as possible...


This is the starting game of the yearly BathLARP campaign for completely new characters - for more information, visit the BathLARP website.


University of Bath
United Kingdom


£1 per game.

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