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The Professors Wake Ian Hawkins

Mar 15th - Mar 16th 2014

Organiser / Campaign

Ian Hawkins




A one day Lovecraft Inspired Murder Mystery LARP Event.

With the death of an eminent professor you are invited to attend his wake. Meanwhile rumours of a strange cult in the woods, a trail of bodies and stories of a giant hound on the loose are all abound, what was the professor involved in? and whatever happened to his body?

The following spaces available:

12 Player Places, at a cost of around £50
Take the role of one of the professors friends, family, a rival academic, intrepid investigator or interested local, can you help uncover the fate of the professor?

Crew Places, at a cost of around £10 (please inquire for availability)
Take on non-player roles to help or hinder the players, anything from the Professors Housekeeper, to a whole host of monsters and minions. There may also be some element of setup and general crew duties to attend to.

The price for players includes overnight accommodation on the Saturday, a cooked meal on Saturday night and breakfast Sunday Morning. We may be able to accommodate players on the Friday evening at an additional charge of £10 for anyone travelling a long distance, it is worth noting however that the house and site will be out of bounds from 9.00am Saturday Morning to allow us to set up the event.

The accommodation is shared bunk rooms holding between 4 and 6 people.

The event should start around mid afternoon with a drinks reception and will go on until late in the evening.

How to book a place:
Booking will open on the 30th October for Players, to book a place please forward a completed character sheet to ichawkins01 [at] googlemail.com and once reviewed you will receive instructions on exactly how to make payment.

Draft Rules and Character sheet available here.


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