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Song of Steel April Event A Song of Steel

Apr 12th - Apr 14th 2013

Organiser / Campaign

A Song of Steel


High Fantasy


Dungeons and Taverns

Friday Night Tavern: Trouble Brewing in the Deep - Scott Carpenter

Lorren of the Fey requests the company be at the "Seahorse Inn" in Barakar to witness a prophecy unfold.
**Please Note: No points cap**

Saturday Morning Dungeon: The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side - Gordon Hodges

A Group from the company of song have been asked by Captain Boris Denton of the Dalimar Militia to find and bring back the escaped prisoner from Gormley Keep Kalven Timms. Who was last seen disappearing thorough a portal. The Authorities would like him back dead or alive but also if they could find out what’s going on though this portal that would also be rewarded.
Dungeon level: Green

Saturday Afternoon Dungeon: We Should Forgive Our Enemies - Rob Cunningham

Lord Elim Venture, of the Dominus Regalius is requesting the aid of the company to investigate the claims of the Las Alvar Court that the armies of High King Tommy have been slaughtering women and children as well as practising some rather unwholesome acts.
Dungeon level: Open

Saturday Evening Dungeon: A Perfect Circle - Matthew Dawes-Wood

The Crown have been asked to help with a matter by a high ranking member of the Collegia who wishes to remain unnamed, with regards to 4 rogue tutors who are battling over a powerful natural ritual circle in a secret location. The client has requested that the tutors are apprehended or if that is not possible then killed as a last resort.
Dungeon level: Green/Amber

Saturday Night Tavern: Changing of the Guard - All Writers

As the annual ceremony proceeds, in which the household guard for the Selian Courts are changed, the Company have been invited to a Selian tavern nearby so that any Baronial representatives may pay a quick visit to shed light on Nastrondian affairs.


Ringley Road West
Greater Manchester
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United Kingdom


£20 including an adventure and stopover. £7 for your first event (£13 discount)

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