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The Fayre Times Festival Seaxe and Sorcery

Sep 21st - Sep 22nd 2013

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Seaxe and Sorcery


Out of Character


It is the intention of the Fayre Times Festival management to establish an annual festival which celebrates the history, pageantry and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. It is our intention to achieve this by show-casing a variety of hobbies, interests and lifestyles which embrace the United Kingdom’s historical, mythological and fictional past.

We intend to provide an environment where members of the public can experience first-hand the following:

- Re-enactment
- Live action role-play
- Table top role-playing
- War gaming
- Cosplay
- Modelling
- Paint balling
- Laser tag
- Air soft
- European martial arts

We will also be providing a location for traders from each of these disciplines to come and sell their goods to both members of their hobby and members of the public who are interested in getting involved.

We will be inviting existing groups to run stalls or exhibitions where they can advertise their groups and increase their membership as well as entertain the public. The idea is that we will also involve groups who promote the study of all things historical and mythological as well as new age groups whose area of expertise overlaps those above.


Barleylands Road
CM11 2UD
United Kingdom


Traders:£60; Public:£15 adults; £7.50 children; £40 family; £12.50 oap/student

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