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Song of Steel March 2013 Event A Song of Steel

Mar 29th - Mar 31st 2013

Organiser / Campaign

A Song of Steel


High Fantasy


Song of steel's monthly event will be on 29th - 31st March. Song of Steel is a monthly high fantasy LARP in a linear adventure style running 3 adventures a month alongside other IC time-in taverns. Please see the website below for more information.

The world is at its breaking point...

When the greatest empire in history has frozen over,
The magic that lead the world all but destroyed
Each barony is torn apart by war and religion,
And whispers of betrayal sing through the violence.
This is a time when one person can make all the difference
And heroes can be found in the strangest of places

Live the Legend. Become the dream.
Song of Steel.

Dungeons and Taverns

Friday Night Tavern: Last Argument of the Kings - Rob Cunningham
The High King of the Children of Lugh has invited the company of the song to his feasting halls so that they my help him negotiate a peaceful resolution to the civil war in Las Alvar.

** N.B. 300 point cap in effect

Saturday Morning Dungeon: Jogging on a Razor's Edge - Geoff
Sir Varden Kheen, Knight of the Long Winter would like to hire the Company to investigate a swathe of destruction of theft following the fall of the Collegia.
** The Crown grade this dungeon Green

Saturday Afternoon Dungeon: Release the Inner Murderer - Phil James
With new allies identified, the Thaelston Guard have reinforced certain key locations throughout the countryside, and are now considering future tactics on how to remove the Guilders threat from major towns and cities across Galinia. Follo Neverwinter wishes to personally hire the Company of the Song to smash into a small fortified rebellion stronghold and find out what has happened to Knight Sgt Tyreco Olsen. The Thaelston Guard back these plans to shake the bee's nest.
** The Crown grade this dungeon Green/Amber

Saturday Evening Dungeon: All is quiet on the South Front - Rob Cunningham
A large number of villages on the coast of Nastrond have been found abandoned, the Company of the Song have been hired to investigate this.
** The Crown grade this dungeon Amber/Red

Saturday Night Tavern: Then the First of the Horsemen Spoke, and his Name was War – Tyrann
Parnath requests the company meet at Castle Forshere, to discuss the details of the next mission the company will undertake. Also to be discussed will be how the conflict is progressing, and how possible future missions will affect the ongoing conflict in Parnath.


Ringley Road West
Greater Manchester
M26 1EW
United Kingdom


£20 including an adventure and stopover. £7 for your first event (£13 discount)

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