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Song of Steel February Event A Song of Steel

Feb 22nd - Feb 24th 2013

Organiser / Campaign

A Song of Steel


High Fantasy


Song of steel's monthly event will be on 22nd-24th February. Song of Steel is a monthly high fantasy LARP in a linear adventure style running 3 adventures a month alongside other IC time-in taverns. Please see the website below for more information.

Dungeons and Taverns

Friday Tavern: Time for Action - Phil James

The Thaelston Guard have established a temporary camp, located between Galinian rebel strongholds. Information suggests that they have vital information in the ongoing war against the rebel forces currently occupying Kerthin, the Galinian capital. The Crown are seeking a team of relatively unknown Company of the Song members to rendezvous with the Guard, retrieve all information, and assist where required. The gathered information will then be compiled for the next days mission. All foul creatures should be killed on site. Any Galinian rebel forces should be dispatched quietly and quickly.

**Please note: the points cap is 200pts**

Saturday Morning Dungeon: Behind Enemy Lines - Tyrann

Parnath a high priority target that needs neutralizing, this target is behind enemy lines, so resistance will be light to moderate. There is a possibility that the target will be guarded by one of the 'Seven'. There is also some VIP's that have been taken hostage and their recovery would be well rewarded. Parnath requests a balanced team capable of dealing with any situation.
Crown threat level: Green-Amber

Saturday Evening Dungeon: Same Shit, Different Day - Phil James

This dungeon will be a follow on from Friday nights tavern. Details will be provided during the tavern, and reconfirmed at the start of the mission, by Tyreco Olven & Follo Neverwinter. At this point the Crown are unsure about specifics.
Crown threat level: Green **This dungeon is recommended for newer players**

Saturday Afternoon Dungeon: Winter is leaving, hopefully - Rob Cunningham

The Convercation's have finally constructed rituals to end the Remorseless Winter that has gripped the Empire. Unfortunately of the 2 that have been tasked with ending it, Spiritum Pythonicus and the Annullus Pugnum, both have very different views on how it should be achieved. You will be tasked with first deciding which solution to implement and then doing so.
Crown threat level: Green-Amber

Saturday Tavern: A Knight on the Tiles - Tyrann

The Company are to meet at Company Hall in Dragonsfall for a night or relaxation and fun. Games and entertainment are going to be laid on for those members in attendance

Bookings will open on Wednesday 30th January at 9am, and will close at 6pm on 22nd February.
To book on please tell us your real name, which dungeon you wish to play, and which character you wish to play on said dungeon. Please book even if you don't want to play any dungeons so that we know how many to expect.

Bookings email:


Ringley Road West
Greater Manchester
M26 1EW
United Kingdom


£20 including an adventure and stopover. £7 for your first event.

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