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The Great Kuscan Games Archaeus Larp

Sep 20th - Sep 22nd 2024

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


With the Pale Elves all out assault on the front failing and forcing a stale-mate, Greenskin forces have moved in to relieve the tired and battered adventurers.
As more allied forces move towards the front from all kingdoms across Archaeus, this allows for a rotation of fresh troops to hold the line.
The Adventurers have been collected and loaded in to caravans for much needed R&R.
The caravans destination?
THE GREAT KUSCAN GAMES hosted within the tournament fields of the city of Leben Cas.
Now is your chance to claim fame, fortune, trophies, win gold, Rare materials, various Artifacts & everything in between.
This tournament will pitch factions against factions, friends against friends, clans against clans in both mental and physical challenges!


Cleeve Hill Road
BS40 5PP
United Kingdom