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Goblin Town The Old Wyvern

Sep 1st - Sep 3rd 2023

Organiser / Campaign

The Old Wyvern


High Fantasy


How does it work?
Well, in one of two ways, if you want to take part as a Goblin for the weekend then you join one of the camps and work to gather coins to bribe the council and become mayor.

In addition though you can decide to come as a "mortal meanderer" you play no part but have coins to spend and can involve yourself in all sorts of Goblin activities, heading home safely at the end.

The camps and Activities...

The Entertainers
A raggle taggle bunch, earning coin with their "amazing" shows.
They have at their heart the town band and mortals will be able to join it and make their own instruments from pipes, bottles, cans etc.
Playing throughout the weekend: GirdyBird
And performing on the Saturday and Sunday: Purbeck Storm
Drinks provided by The Cuckoo Tap Room!
Guards and justices
The serious and po-faced defenders of Goblin Town.
You can get a chance to join the militia training:
Sword/Period Combat Fighting
Combat Games

You can report Goblins and have them chased around by the Guard!
Goblin Jousting!
The Nefarious Camp
Where villains and nerdowells reside from highway goblins to politicians.
Face Paint
How to be a Goblin Workshop

Where anything from bobbins to beating sticks may be purchased.
These fine folks will do an amazing hat making workshop to take away and complete your outfit.

A system in LARP is the format used to make decisions around Drama and Combat, everyone participating as a LARPer rather than a Mortal has a character, and some of the fun of the event is the chance to battle with your fellows.

Because of the nature of this event, we don't have a system per se. The idea of the game is to have fun and be as fun as possible, get hit with a weapon? It will probably hurt! Give the people playing healers a chance to do their thing!

Want to play a Healer? Fantastic! You can go over and roleplay patching up poor wounded goblins! Goblin medicine is somewhat... haphazard! Feel free to bandage, splint, pull out pretend saws etc!

Magic? Of course goblins can do magic! Sort off.... Goblin magic depends hugely on people believing they do magic. You have to sell it and the person on the receiving end has to be a good sport!

Sometimes drama in the world of LARP is created by Combat, Combat is represented using specially created prop weapons, they are designed with the combat in mind and MUST come up to the necessary safety standards. The reasons for this is the same as why you can't bring a nerf gun or an airsoft gun to a paintball game, the assumed safety is created by making sure everyone is using the same level of equipment.
If you wish to get involved in Combat you must get your equipment checked by one of our wandering town council. or at the Guard Camp and do a quick Combat tutorial, if it turns out that you have brought something unsuitable, we will do our best to lend you something more appropriate.
The camps may be invaded by smells orcs and other nerdowells, particularly after the mortals have gone home.

HELP! I Don't want to do combat!
All interactions with the Goblins should be fun, if you don't want to be on the receiving end of Goblin meanness then just yell BOO at them and they should get the hint and leg it. If your a mortal you might also give them a coin for their troubles and report them to the Guard for good measure!

Helping or Trading
If your interested in helping out, or have questions, feel free to get in touch. We can always use volunteers, traders and performers!


Unnamed Road
United Kingdom


Crew: Free, Day £10, Weekend £50

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The Old Wyvern
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