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E42023 - "Containment Breach" Wilde Realms LARP

Oct 27th - Oct 29th 2023

Organiser / Campaign

Wilde Realms LARP


High Fantasy


Information Requisitioned - Late Harvest 1023

Request Submission - Researcher Designation G64U8 “The Obsidian Staff”

7 Imperative

Authorised by Chamberlyn 121

Information Released; Island of Barin: Research Facility 12

Directive Report for “The Expedition”

In recent months, we have received no missives from the staff of Research Facility 12, nor any response to attempted communication rituals. This is further complicated by our inability to scry on the facility with Oculomancy, due to the extensive location warding.

Resultant of this, the decision has been made to both evacuate and quarantine the area surrounding the facility. An armed unit of ‘Investigator-Arcanus’ was sent in, but alas did not make it out at the agreed date and time.

It has been decided, when the expedition arrives in Esca, they will make their way directly and swiftly to Facility 12 and descend into the established quarantine zone. Upon entry they will have exactly 43 (forty three) hours with which to investigate and resolve any issues. At the end of this time they must make it to the appointed rendezvous location, where the wards will be lowered for exactly 15 (fifteen) minutes. If they do not make it back then the wardings and defences there will be implemented once again - with the assumption of the Missions failure. From such a point, Contingency Rituals 4-6 may be considered and implemented without hesitation.

- When inside the expeditions objectives are as follows:
Determine what caused the facility to be disrupted, and neutralise it.

- Contain any AMO no longer with its designated containment, by any means necessary (Anomalous Magical Occurrence(s))

- Determine who, or what is at fault for the events that have transpired here.

It is imperative that the Expedition knows that what they will see and experience within the facility must be kept to the highest level of secrecy, across Esca and the other Nations. This information is being entrusted to them, and is not to fall into the wrong hands.

Lastly, nothing leaves the facility. Nothing.

Report end - -


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