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Ketch Archaeus Larp

Sep 15th - Sep 17th 2023

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


In the month of Hadar, adventurers succesfully Infiltrated and mingled with various pirate crews and clans, enjoyed games, fought off thieves and undesirables.

The adventurers managed to complete their tasks, located Jack Ketch's journal and found buried around pirate cove, pages of an obscure ritual.

Now with the pages of Ketch's journal found and the hidden pages re-joined, Ketch has escaped his hell.

The Arvum no longer holds him, his torment has ended.
Now He seeks his crew, his personal effects and vengeance.
Archaeus is about to suffer the same wrath he was forced to endure from the moment he sailed in to the arvum.

Reports from Various Ritualists across Archaeus have also reported that local ritual circles are no longer functioning in a manner one would expect. Something is effecting every single ritual circle on Archaeus.

Adventurers are requested to remain at pirate cove, put down any threat to the civilised world and if possible, investigate any ritual circle close to your location for anomalies.


Cleeve Hill Road
BS40 5PP
United Kingdom