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Dark Side of the Moon The Dark Door

Nov 17th - Nov 19th 2023

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The Dark Door




Space, 2049:

The race to colonise the Moon is on.

NASA Moonbase Theta, on the “dark side” away from Earth, is one of several such inhabited stations. Its scientist crewmembers spend their days conducting experiments and mining. Outside the Habitat walls there is nothing but rocks, vacuum, and the distant specks of life that are the other moon bases, including some that belong to antagonistic foreign powers. All personnel have been here, far away from home, for months. The tedium and the claustrophobia of the cramped Habitat are wearing on everyone.

But now there’s a new challenge to look forward to—Moonbase Theta is well positioned to carry out close observations of asteroid 69230 Hermes as it passes by Earth in November. Everyone is keyed up.

The future is here. Science rules. There’s no such thing as magic, and there are no moon aliens.

Are there?


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