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Echoes of the Ancients - Empire LRP Player Event Eerielight Events

Oct 28th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Eerielight Events


Low Fantasy


A few weeks before the Autumn Equinox, heralds from Rhianos approached the nations of Highguard, Dawn and Navarr with an opportunity for a grand adventure into the very heart of Brocéliande.

Of course, such an adventure calls to not only the bravest of heroes but also those whose journey to Virtue leads them down the path of Prosperity.

Torvund Ravenspear, a shrewd man of business, is eager to help the adventurers and their expeditions, for a price. With contacts throughout Navarr (and a personal friend of many Thorns), his wagon trains follow up behind the military units, creating temporary stops for those too injured to carry on or respite for those whose Courage has failed them.

Several days' hard march from the Broch is one such place, heavily fortified and full of useful supplies. This encampment is an oasis of calm in a storm of deadly insects, husks and terrors. Here the soldiers and heroes exchange stories, showing off trophies and spoils of adventure.


Old Station Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom


Early Booking Price is £65 (+£10 for Thursday arrival)

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