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The Journal of Jack Ketch Archaeus Larp

May 19th - May 21st 2023

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


Many years ago a Captain by the name of Jack ketch set sail on his second voyage to prove the accuracy of his oceanic map.
The map we all know today, depicting the coastline and island bodies of Archaeus.
Unfortunately, Captain ketch and his crew never returned to Nesebar.
He was last sighted sailing north in the Môr o Stormydd after gathering supplies at the Elven city Cathair Caillmhar Älvor.
It's at this very same time that the Arvums boundaries suddenly expanded.
It is believed that Captain Ketch, his ship "The Nag" and his crew, while sailing the northern tip of the stormydd coast, were swallowed by the sudden expansion of the Arvum and perished.
That is until pages from the ships log were discovered by other sea fairing folk recently.
Strangely they were said to be found floating in the northern sea of mists.
Informants have supplied us with information that a incredibly significant artefect has been recovered among the flotilla by inhabitants of the pirate coast.
Your mission is to head to their town and inbed your self within the pirate community,

1. find out what they know
2. identify the artefact(s)
3. If safe to do so, aquire and extract all artefacts pertaining to Ketch's ship to Nesebar.
4. Do not alert the pirate community to your intentions.

Prices are as Follows:
Adult Ticket including full catering: £85
Adult Ticket self catering: £65
Under 16's including full catering: £65
Under 16's self Catering: £40
Under 5's: Free
Monster Crew including full Catering: £30
Monster Crew self catering: Free


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