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Carum LIVE LRP - Event 21 (Through the Forsaken Valley) Seedling Productions

Oct 7th - Oct 9th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Seedling Productions


High Fantasy


Welcome to the world of Deka, a spellbinding high-fantasy live action role-playing game.
We’ve been busy working on the upcoming event on the 7th of October! In preparation, here is a copy of the in-character plot brief, which you can also find on the event page, linked below:
After Mourdoun, the god of Death, granted you and your group passage, the party hiked through the great woodland, led by Mourdoun’s followers, the Deathwalkers. They took you all to the place where the barrier surrounding the Drumble was weakest, and using the power of their elder, your group spirit-walked through. The Drumble is the place where the first to walk on Deka awoke; those of you who remember, or have heard tales, expected a serene woodland time capsule containing flora, fauna and cultures untainted by the passages of time. However, as the spell ended, you landed in darkness. Malicious creatures, made of shadow, crept in on your position.

Decisions had to be made, and made quick, as your large group lost the element of surprise, drawing the attentions of creatures that scream in the night. The decision was made; Balin and Lax, two SlumberVolk travelling with the party, headed East to find their ancestral mine within the Underworld. Meanwhile, the rest of the party headed North following the Deathwalkers. It was clear by the fearful determination in their eyes and their talk of the Safe Haven, that they had pinned all hope of the party’s survival on reaching this destination.
Carum is a wonderfully immersive game designed to give maximum role-play and IC learning for all existing and new players. With only one page of rules to learn before you start. Carum is both suitable for adults and children alike, encouraging free-form role-play within a creative framework and experience points system that allows for character and group development.
Set on our own Role-Play site full of places and follies to explore. With a mix of woodland, pasture and buildings there is plenty of opportunity to explore combat, magics, alchemy, crafting, investigation and exploration with a crew of NPC’s that have their own briefs and objectives and who react to players role-play and decisions.
New players are implored to check our bitesize rules, found in the files section of our Facebook group. Inside you will find a guide for starting character creation, after which the main part of developing your character will be completed during the event. There is a Carum Live Role-play group on Facebook where you can view files, speak with other players and ask the games team questions.
Create or develop your character, meet the people of Deka, exploring their religions and cultures, and be part of the history of the 2nd age of Carum!
The event will run from 7.30pm Friday till 4pm Sunday with Time-out at 1am each day and Time-in from 11am each day.
The event is camping and self-catering although Crew will be provided with a hot meal on Saturday.
The event is camping and self-catering although Crew will be provided with a hot meal on Saturday evening.
Heated bunk style accommodation is also available at an additional £15 per event.
The event is suitable for any age and ability. Provisions can be made for those with disabilities or learning difficulties.
Please contact the games team if you require any assistance either in advance or on site with any part of the games or rules.
For payments, see booking form link or use contact details.


Old Station Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom


Adult £70 / Child £25

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