Event 29 - Case Rainbow Target Stargate LRP

Nov 9th - Nov 11th 2012

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Recently the SEF have suffered a number of crippling setbacks; The loss of the Bellerophon; the Loss of the Delta Site, and the dimensional shift into the Fae Realms. But we have also moved from strength to strength instead of leaving enemies behind us we are leaving our own people behind to build alliances, We have welcomed Inner Britannia and Palmyra into our circle of allies; which already includes the Elysians, the Aethernauts, the GGC and the Free Jaffa. Whilst we are still building our relationships with others such as the Silvalis, the Atrocians, the New Macedonians and the Fae.

The SEF have been offered as part of the Alliance forming between them and The Silvalis a world with a Stargate.

Over the next three months prior to a full deployment a few teams will be sent through to survey and prepare a Forward base. A standard Four week Deployment will follow, allowing for local planets on the Gate network to be scouted and surveyed. Members of the SEF skilled in Engineering sciences will be expected to ‘set up, develop and maintain the infrastructure of the facility, including but not limited to construction of a Medical and Biological research facility, a Computing and Astrophysics Laboratory, a Manufacturing and repair facility, Dormitories and Catering’ for 30-50 rotated Staff.

During this time other Staff are expected to lend physical assistance where required, as well as performing Offworld survey and reconnaissance, as well as if required first and secondary contacts with friendly indignant populations.

All of this will be performed under the codename CASE RAINBOW TARGET. Constructive comments from the staff are welcomed.


Merthyr Mawr Road
Merthyr Mawr
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United Kingdom


£45 via bank transfer, £47 via PayPal

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