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A Collection of Knowledge Second Chance LARP

Jun 10th - Jun 12th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Second Chance LARP


High Fantasy


Finally, allies. In the wake of the expedition to the islands of the traders, the city seems to have a stable friend at last in the islands current leader, the explorer Alice Teegs. Even the kobolds have sided with the city, though at the cost of lives and relations with the mysterious Subter.
Ma'Hauk is moving again now though and the city not only requires more help, but knowledge to fight the war to come. in a risky move, the Council has declared a caravan far to the north east to seek the Libererary (as they call it) of the Gorodrin. Without a magic portal destination to dial it will be a long caravan ride to get there, likely filled with danger. At the end of it will be the Gorodrin and whatever mysteries they hold locked on their manse. What awaits in a place filled with such creatures, with their magics and collections?


Rock and Rapid Adventures
Hacche Mill
South Molton
EX36 3NA
United Kingdom



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