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Drums of War World of Alrune

May 12th - May 15th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

World of Alrune


High Fantasy


Welcome to World of Alrunes’s first weekend event of the year – Drums of War ’22!
A caravan of diplomat’s heads north to secure new trade routes after a devastating year of blockades that have all but cut off trade from the capital. Drego Praetor Ceno has issued an edict that the City’s council along with merchants, diplomats, trades people and a contingent of soldiers are to head to the Chaoslands and make contact with the Nulfolk. Once this is achieved, diplomacy takes over in the ever-going quest to find new allies and trade.
However, things are as always never what they seem to be. What the Nor-Lands need now more than ever is a hero. Could you be that hero?


Arterial Road
RM19 1TS
United Kingdom



World of Alrune
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