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A Connubial Dispute Archaeus Larp

Sep 16th - Sep 18th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


Two clans unifying via marriage as is their age old tradition, has suddenly come to an abrupt halt.
The bride to be has gone missing, two clans are close to war.
One accuses the other of not sending the bride, the other clan is accused of sabotaging her arrival.
As the clans live on the borders of Etalaan in the mountainous region of Maggsor, Lady Adalhard has graciously allowed the two clans to form a pre conflict council at her manor house. Unfortunately Her house and grounds suffered under the siege from the undead and the Black Rams.
Lady Adalhard feels it would be improper to receive guests on her lands for such an important event without adequate supplies.
Lady Adalhard has requested that her Goblin aquaintance, Sech Combe hosts the meeting on his land on her behalf.
Sech Combe has happily agreed all prewar meetings between the warring dwarven faction of Arbeth and Tegeron will be conducted on his land, known as Goblin Combe.
Your aim is to keep the peace between the two clans and avoid war if at all possible, rule over and maintain continuity of the council and find the missing bride, should the opportunity arise.
This event will be hosted over 3 days (Friday to Sunday)
Please note Prices have increased as we have had to hire an alternative caterer as Scott from conspiracy catering is unavailable for this event. This means that our cost has increased by £5 per head simply to cover the new caterers price.

Prices are as Follows:
Adult Ticket including full catering: £90
Adult Ticket self catering: £60
Under 16's including full catering: £70
Under 16's self Catering: £40
Under 5's: Free
Monster Crew including full Catering: £40
Monster Crew self catering: Free

Rulebook - https://www.archaeuslarp.com/rulebook

Time in at 4pm (Gives people time to travel, tent up, kit up etc)
Dinner at 6pm
8:30 for breakfast
Time in at 10.
Lunch at 1pm
Dinner at 6pm
Fighting will end at 10pm
Time out is at 12am for those that want to stay up late in character.
Breakfast at 8:00
Time time in at 10
Lunch at 12pm
Time out and end of the event at 4pm
Food timings may change due to plot overrunning or food being ready earlier than anticipated.


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