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A Connubial Dispute Archaeus Larp

Oct 14th - Oct 16th 2022

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


Two clans unifying via marriage as is their age old tradition, has suddenly come to an abrupt halt.
The bride to be has gone missing, two clans are close to war.
One accuses the other of not sending the bride, the other clan is accused of sabotaging her arrival.
As the clans live on the borders of Etalaan in the mountainous region of Maggsor, Lady Adalhard has graciously allowed the two clans to form a pre conflict council at her manor house.
But as Lady Adalhard will not be available to rule over the council meeting, as she has been called to Nessebar urgently, She has requested that her retinue attend and rule over the moot in her stead.
Your aim is to keep the peace between the two clans and avoid war if at all possible, rule over and maintain continuity of the council and find the missing bride, should the opportunity arise.


Wilderness Drive
GL17 0HA
United Kingdom