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The Bounds of Envy Archaeus Larp

Sep 10th - Sep 12th 2021

Organiser / Campaign

Archaeus Larp


High Fantasy


Her Graciousness the High Lady Adalhard of Etalaan has called upon anyone who can wield a weapon or cast spells to her Lands in Etalaan, in the south of the Greenskin territories.
Three weeks have passed since Lady Adalhard has received goods from one of her farms, it seems to have fallen silent. Letters are not being answered, goods aren't being imported and taxes remain unpaid.
Lady Adalhard has sent a small company to demand answers, but they have not returned.
She suspects her neighbour, Lord Isolda of taking her land by force and killing her men but she lacks the proof necessary to declare war.
Adalhard requests that you infiltrate the farm, determine the fate of the occupants and find proof that will allow Adalhard to crush her neighbour with impunity.
If Lord Isolda is found to have attacked Adalhard's land, her remaining retinue will be sent to provide you with reinforcements, so that all annexed land may be returned to the rightful owner through open violence.
All that answer this call will be handsomely paid, half upfront and half when it is done, you may also keep any spoils of war.


Selsley Common,
United Kingdom