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Civil War Kingdoms

Aug 31st - Sep 2nd 2012

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Low Fantasy


“For nineteen years Seann has been torn in half by civil war. Neighbours, friends and family have all found themselves on different sides and there seems to be no end in sight to the bloody conflict. Once verdant fields have been destroyed and are now only grisly reminders of battles, long since fought and now forgotten. It is a time where the common folk have all but been forgotten, caught in the middle; fields remain untouched, food is scarce, pestilence and disease strike down the low and the high alike.
Deserters flee from the armies and turn to a life of preying on the weak. It is a struggle to survive from day to day, what other challenges lie in store for an already troubled land?”

Civil War is a weekend long Kingdoms event set in central Seann, an area fiercely fought over by both sides. Civil War is the first event in the Divine Revelations campaign. The event is being held at Bregastow, a new LRP site just off junction 6 off the A1.

The event is self catered and camping. Players get an event written around their characters, personal development and a weekend they will not forget. Crew get to have heaps of fun, with a crate or two of beer thrown in. Torn between playing and crewing? Why not script for the weekend? Scripted is technically crewing, but with a character purposely written for the event, subject to ref intervention and direction, which you get to play for the majority of the weekend.

Player Price is £55 though only £40 if it is your first Kingdoms event. Scripted £30 Crew £0

We also offer a £15 discount per player you introduce to the system!


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From £30

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