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Event 8: A New Dawn Hive Cataclysm

Apr 10th - Apr 12th 2020

Organiser / Campaign

Hive Cataclysm


Post Apocalyptic


For as long as humanity has existed eras have come and gone with the passage of time, as with each step new beginnings are brought forth and old tales come to their final chapters. Amongst the ruins of the colony that cycle of a new dawn and a final eclipse play out once more, as the cultures of the former colony step from the end of a beginning and into the light of a new chapter for each and every one of them. The embers of humanity are not so easily snuffed out it seems, and with the revelations and discoveries made each culture forges there own path forward, those embers growing into small but potent beacons that will shepherd the light once more back into the dark, to burn away what ever crosses their path and continue humanities march onward...

Hive: Cataclysm is a mixture of PvE and PvP set within a post-apocalyptic future of mankind where its golden age is long past and the future of a ruined colony stands in the balance. The various factions over the course of the weekend with have to deal with various situations, scenarios and creatures, as well as dealing wtih one another to keep their people from becoming to another sad tale of the ruins.

Time in is at 6:00pm on the Friday, with time out being at 3:00pm on Sunday. Players are welcome on site from 11:00am onwards on Friday morning.


South Fields Farm
Husbands Bosworth
LE17 6NW
United Kingdom


£45 per ticket per person

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