Kent Vampire the Requiem & Changeling the Lost Isles of Darkness

Oct 6th 2019

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Isles of Darkness


Low Fantasy


An ongoing monthly parlour Larp set in the World of Darkness. Running the first Sunday of every month out of the University of Kent, we welcome those with little to no experience of larping, as well as those who have experienced the modern urban fantasy and supernatural horror of the World of Darkness before and lived to tell the tale.

We are entering the final year of this Chronicle and plan a new Chronicle in September 2020. This is the perfect time to try out the society and game style for the chance to begin at the beginning in 2020 with refreshed story and characters. Our focus is on collaborative storytelling and a chance to live out your character’s experience in this dark mirror world hidden behind the one we know.

Kent’s World:


With the power of the Seasons crumbling and the True Fae venturing closer into the Hedge than ever before, driven from their fortresses, factories, and dance halls by an unknowable force, the Free Lost are required to make increasingly uncertain bargains and contracts with those they used to call enemy in order to keep at bay the madness at their Hollow door, and within themselves.

The very concept of human imagination might be at stake but there are mysteries to be solved, new friends to be freed, and picnics to be eaten before this prophesied last stand at Camlann. Will the strongest story of Britannia prove true, or will the cycle begin once again?


Into the increasingly faithless 21st Century, the Kindred of Kent have birthed a miracle, the resurrected Black Saint Agnes. With the Monarchy in exile and the political machinations of elders largely ignored by neonates who just want to enjoy their Unlife, Kent’s Carthian Council has been a stable influence for years. This miraculous tip in the scales of power could spell absolute disaster for the status quo and not everybody relishes the idea of being saved.

Vampiric nature is in flux. Is in answer to be found in Science, or in Faith?


Giles Lane
United Kingdom


£1 per game / £12 per year

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