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Babylon 5 'Acts and Omissions' Starlore Adventures

Dec 4th - Dec 6th 2020

Organiser / Campaign

Starlore Adventures


Sci Fi


The date is April 15th, 2260 and in the battle for Babylon 5 a second wave of Earth Forces has been forced to withdraw by the Minbari. It was into this situation that an Earth Alliance ship that had been missing for four years, made the jump to normal space. The passengers and crew of the EAS Talos may be glad to be alive given their recent adventures but they have arrived in a world of war and upheaval.
Sci Fi Adventure game set in the world of B5, Acts and Omissions is the second event in the Fall of the Light trilogy. The action is set primarily on the Babylon 5 station and so much of the event will take place indoors. New players will find it easy to join the action as someone already on the station. Combat resolution uses Laser Tag PPGs and sensors, the hire of which are included in the price. The event is fully catered and just about all dietary requirements can be catered for.


West Midlands
United Kingdom


Players £100 & NPCs £25 till 1st Nov 2019

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