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Midwinter Avalon larp studio

Jan 17th - Jan 19th 2020

Organiser / Campaign

Avalon larp studio


Low Fantasy


This larp is about the ultimate form of late-stage patriarchal capitalism — Santa’s workshop — and the jolly elves who toil there to bring happiness to the children of the world at Christmas.

Some of the elves were born in the workshop, others have vague recollections of a life before they came there, but there is no time for reminiscences because there is work to do.

The society of Santa’s Workshop is repressive, with managers put under increasing pressure to produce more, and the workers and the bottom of the pile forced to work harder and harder. All the while the will of “The Old Man” is law, and this law is enforced by the brutal Reindeer Guard and the Krampus.

The players in this larp will portray the elves and explore the pressures of late-stage capitalism and the tension between the status quo and the flames of revolution.


93-99 Holloway Head
West Midlands
B1 1QP
United Kingdom

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