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Challenge of the Champions BathLARP

Jun 28th - Jun 30th 2019

Organiser / Campaign



High Fantasy


Dear friends,

The Gladiators have identified a hitherto untapped segment of the market – those who would like to witness feats of strength and skill, but strangely would prefer to do so without witnessing bloodshed.

As such, I’ve been tasked with developing and running a test tournament to see how well such an event would work. I therefore invite you all to attend the Gladiator training ground at the Century Stadium on the last Saturday in June.

We will be looking for both participants and event ideas and organisers. Events will include both traditional (i.e. blood-soaked) and non-traditional contests of arms, alongside contests of wit, wisdom, and non-martial skill. We are open to all sorts of ideas! There will be prizes both for success in the events, and for the originators of successful events.

I look forward to your company for what I’m sure will be a most entertaining weekend!

With honour,
Champion Brend Arturus


This will be an unranked BathLARP event with challenges aimed at all levels of IC and OOC skill - please contact the club for more details.


Tanners Lane, Berkswell CV7 7DD
Nr Coventry
West Midlands
United Kingdom



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