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Court of Sorrows Event 7 Kent by Night

Aug 12th 2012

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Kent by Night




What is the Kent by Night?

Well some 15 or so years ago some mates decided to play a game of vampire where we ourselves were embraced, and we then had the task of statting ourselves up and then engaging the storyline as we our selves would.

A couple of years later the game spread to another group in another area of the country, The same happened another couple of years later and then again five years later it spread to another area and the lore of the game expanded.

And now it's coming back and we want You to be a part of it.

It's a Political Supernatural game of Intrigue that is similar to Rome, with a healthy dose of Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Dresden Files (TV & the Novels), Anne Rice, the Hunger and backstabbery worthy of Battlestar Galactica, Rome or Babylon5..

Oh, and we sometimes smack each other around with latex weapons as well.

In our game you play Vampires or sometimes their servants, the Ghouls.

Immortal, ageless, and hungry for blood and personal power within vampiric circles and within the mortal world.

Our game is set in a darker version of the real world, we use rules as presented in the World of Darkness game Vampire the Masquerade (3rd ed), with one or two exceptions (2nd ed rulebooks are fine to use if you don't own a 3rd ed book, one can be made available to you in any number of ways).

The main one is that being "Goth" and wearing a Frilly Shirt is not mandatory.

The Vampire games often get some bad press in other LRP circles due to the Frilly Shirt Brigade, or people who in normal time (not in game time) think they really are vampires and all that might entail.

Our game is socially heavy, we'll met once a month for the official "Court", where you (the vampires) gather to trade information, insults, garner allies and advance the plots made available to you via the Ref Team or other players.

As well as the Court once a month, we also use a system called "Downtime" which is the periods in between the Courts, where a vampire achieves their other goals not (usually) involving others from the Court.

The power, the passion, the betrayal...
Will you survive these blood drenched nights?!


Dock Road
United Kingdom


First 2 Events free, £3 yearly fee after that.

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