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BEON - The Administration Quarter Seedling Productions

Oct 5th - Oct 7th 2018

Organiser / Campaign

Seedling Productions


High Fantasy


Welcome to Carum. A high fantasy LARP game set in an ancient world in which magic is powerful but scarce, and every action has the potential to actively change the future.

Our games are based on our own woodland site enabling us, when planning events, to create and build magnificent settings. Currently, our players are exploring the corrupt town of Beon, this is the final of three events set here, which will see the last town section constructed for our players to explore.

Each of these settings is filled with intriguing characters, and our population-based game allows each of these characters, the freedom to seamlessly react to the players providing a highly immersive experience.

All character development happens within the game. Create a truly unique character by learning exciting new skills, taught by either other player or crew characters, acquiring knowledge and gaining new allies or enemies.

Carum is catered to both experienced LARPers and those new to the hobby. We can provide costumes and weapons for first timers as well as give advice and guidance on buying weapons and buying or making your own costumes.

For further information as well as the IC brief for this specific event check out the facebook event linked.

From everyone on the Carum ref team, we will look forward to seeing you at one of our events.


Old Station Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom


£50 Player / £10 Crew

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