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Better the devil you know Starlore Adventures

Sep 7th - Sep 9th 2012

Organiser / Campaign

Starlore Adventures


Sci Fi


Live Action Role Playing
featuring Lazer Tag combat system

Secretly spinning in deep space, the lush earth type world of Taranis is silent and untouched, far from the eyes of man.

Planets such as Taranis are precious and to the millions of refugees from worlds ravaged by the galactic civil war they represent hope for a new life.

Now, across the gulf of space, men regard Taranis with envious eyes, and slowly and surely draw their plans. Taranis is a secret no more.

Aboard the Starship Horizon you carry with you the hope of millions, ahead of you a world previously unknown.

In the grand tradition of space opera, the ‘Better The Devil You Know’ event is set in the far future where Humanity has spread out amongst the stars to colonise 500 worlds. A devastating civil war has now left millions living in refugee camps on frontier worlds or packed into ageing space stations. The desperate search for potential new colony worlds has been fruitless but a re-discovered planet is proving to be their best hope. The mission mounted by Fortress Corporation has the blessing of both the Emperor and Senate but political pressure means that half those to make the 3 month voyage to Taranis will be contractors instead of corporate specialists and troops.

Security surrounding the mission is tight as the media, rival corporations and even the government want access to the information recovered by Fortress Corporation from a crashed survey vessel previously thought lost.

The Mission: Make Taranis safe for Human colonisation. The Challenge: Live to tell the tale and retire on the profits.

Starlore events use a non-linear system giving players maximum freedom to explore the game area. Modified original release Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag Guns and Sensors or compatible equipment provide a highly efficient conflict resolution system.

Players have access to working gadgets and computers for information & research. Three Mission Commanders will each choose and lead their respective teams (Science, Security and Operations).

The event will be fully catered with indoor accommodation or an option to camp.

The site is approx 70 acres of mainly flat ground, offering a mixture of open space and deep cover with a regular bus service running 7 days a week to and from Nottingham. A full set of Mission patches will be issued to all players.
A late evening gathering at the campfire circle.
Extensive rules and background data packs are available to download now.

Videos and setting information can be found on the 'Starlore Adventures' page on Facebook and data Packs are available at:

Chat, discussion and further information can be found on the UKLTA's Firefight Forum.

Far beyond the worlds of the High Frontier, far out in deep space, anything can happen and probably will.


United Kingdom


Players: PRICE REDUCED to £50 / Crew from £15

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07909 300 779

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