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Tales - Inside Other Life Games

Nov 10th - Nov 12th 2017

Organiser / Campaign

Other Life Games


Post Apocalyptic


One old factory hall, 3000 sqm, 200 participants - divided in five castes of a society, ranging from utopia to dystopia.

For every birth, there must be a death. For every promotion, there must be a degradation. For deep underground, where the society sheltered after the destruction of the earth's surface, everything is limited: food, water, space and energy. Only the A.I., which everyone can communicate with via terminals, knows how many supplies are left. And a computer never lies."
"Inside" is a Real Life Experience of a static society, which has been living underground for almost 500 years. The scenario presents an alternative time line in which weapons of mass destruction have made the surface of the Earth become uninhabitable.
The society is divided in five castes with different areas of responsibility. All citizens have to know their place, and nothing must change. Issues of this kind of society might be retention of power, individual freedom and individualism, and the conflict between rationalism and personal connections. All of this and much more will be part of the game concept.


Hünxer Str.

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