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The Gravity Of Containment Dark Colony

Jul 22nd 2017

Organiser / Campaign

Dark Colony


Sci Fi


"Earth was wasted, we had no hope. We had to escape, so a plan was made. There was a lottery, politics, elections... I was one of the chosen. My parents, elderly at the time, cried with happiness. I did also, I guess. If I knew then what I knew now... I won't waste any energy on regrets. Help us. They broke the barrier and are coming again. God help us all!"

Set within its own unique background, Dark Colony LRP will bring science fiction and post-apocalyptic themes together upon a vast alien planet.
Designed to provide a personal role-play experience within a burgeoning environment with players versus the world, player versus the player is not the aim of this game.

Aiming to bring a high amount of fear, frenzy, and panic, death will come easily if you are not careful. Mistakes can be lethal, however we are sure you have what it takes to survive. That said, we prefer that your character survives, the Dark Colony team wish to aid your character plot and growth within the system.

Bringing to you a rich background involving varying alien species, you have the chance to become involved in discovery, survival, religion, politics, conflict, intrigue, and unravelling the unknown. This is not a game based upon gathering resources but engaging in in-depth role play.

Choosing from a range of skills, there will be character progression, although it has been cleverly designed to enable any character to specialise personally to their tastes, and even a starting character, should they wish, start with skills equal or perhaps better than an established character.

You are a hero, you survived what has happened, and thus that makes you above the norm. But be warned. You. Are. Not. Unbreakable.


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