Lost and Found E1: Road to Nowhere Lost and Found LRP

Jun 2nd - Jun 4th 2017

Organiser / Campaign

Lost and Found LRP


High Fantasy


Have you ever wondered where missing things go? Socks, the remote control, that pair of glasses you only just put down? And what about those missing people that have never been found? It's as if they have just disappeared, vanished into nothing!

What if there is a place all these missing things, people, ideas and memories go? Lost never to be found. What if they are nowhere?

Lost in a world of Nowhere, your character will arrive with nothing but their name and what few possessions they have on them to tell them who they are? All you really know is you were looking for something before you ended up lost.
Your goal? To find your way out!

Lost and Found is a Multi-genre'd free form game of mind games, puzzles, linears and quests revolving around character's personal plot. We are aiming at including elements of horror, mystery, adventure, sci-fi and action. The game will be heavily influenced by character backgrounds and so the aesthetics will revolve around player's decisions as much as it will plot.
Both combat and non combat characters will find plenty to entertain in the game.

Due to the limited player spaces Lost and Found is currently invite only.





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