E3: The Free Market Altered Reality

Aug 18th - Aug 20th 2017

Organiser / Campaign

Altered Reality


Post Apocalyptic


As more groups begin to emerge from the ruins of the fallen world, merchant gatherings other than the 13th Trade Camp are offering opportunities to barter, exchange news and learn more about this altered world. With more contacts comes more opportunities, but who knows whether there will be more danger or whether this "market" can secure an area better than the 13th.

Altered Reality is a post apocalyptic fest-like larp system that will be scaled up in size over the next few years. Players involved in the initial events will have the opportunity to help shape the game.
The events represent an annual gathering of the various survivors in order to trade resources, exchange news, celebrate life or mourn those who died. Of course, there will be some who seek to settle debts or take items by force, so protection is essential.
Speaking of protection, the noise of such a gathering will attract the attention of both infected creatures and hostile gangs, so camps may want to think about guard patrols, a task possibly suited to solo player mercenaries for hire.
Players will also be able to explore the surrounding area and go on missions to achieve various objectives. This gives players the opportunity for danger and rewards, or just the opportunity to bash some undead heads in!

The events are self-catered camping, focusing on character development and role-playing opportunities. A skill tree system allows for individual character progression and we want players to help direct the plot and game development through their own actions and decisions.


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