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Carum- The 2nd Era (event 7) Seedling Productions

Sep 30th - Oct 2nd 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Seedling Productions


High Fantasy


Welcome to the world of Carum, a unique high-fantasy live role-playing game.

Carum is a popular and wonderfully immersive game designed to give maximum role-play and IC learning for all existing and new players. With only one page of rules to learn before you start Carum is both suitable for adults and children alike and encourages free-form role-play within a full framework and experience points system that allows for character and group development.

Set on our own Role-Play site, the Port of Beon is full of buildings, jetties and follies to explore. With a mix of woodland, pasture and buildings there is plenty of opportunity to explore combat, magics, alchemy, crafting, investigation and exploration with a crew of NPC’s that have their own briefs and objectives and who react to players role-play and decisions.

New players only have to fill in a basic character creation form and will be given a full brief and resources at the start of the event. There is a Carum Live Role-play group on Facebook where you can view historical files, speak with other players and ask the games team questions.
Crew spaces also available. Please Facebook or email for more details.

Create or develop your character and make you way to the Port of Beon. Meet new races, religions and cultures and be part of the history of the 2nd age of Carum!

As a new era begins the Facilies have decided it is time once again for the first races of the world to come together for a meeting, to help this new landscape survive and thrive under their protection and nurture.
They worry that the new songs that are being sung are more discordant than ever and if not replaced by the beautiful melody, like that of The Drumble, the very essence of Carum may be in danger and a plight of malice could consume the land.

This time not only have the Silent Walkers been called but many of the first races of Carum, the Metonymy, the Volk and the Cats. Can these people put aside past difference to work together for a common goal? Do they fully trust the stories the Facilies tell and what of the new races, those born outside of The Drumble, could they not help too?

The Facilies have called you to meet on the outskirts of the Port of Beon. Rumours of a mine circulate as you start to join with others. A possible way back into The Drumble after all these years? You form a camp, sing your songs and wait in anticipation for the meeting to begin.

The event will run from 7pm Friday till 3pm Sunday with Time-out at 2am each day and Time-in at 10am each day.

The event is camping and self-catering although Crew will be provided with a hot meal on Saturday evening.

The event is suitable for any age and ability and provisions can be made for those with disabilities or learning difficulties. Please contact the games team if you require any assistance either in advance or on site with any part of the games or rules.

September 30th (7pm)- 2nd October (3pm) 2016
Due to the late notice in putting the full event and payment details online we have cut the prices for advanced tickets as much as we can and are also throwing in some special offers!

Advanced booking date 1
Payment received before: September 6th 2016
Adult Ticket-£35.00
Child Ticket (under 12):£15.00

Advanced booking date 2
Payment received before: September 16th 2016
Adult Ticket: £40.00
Child Ticket: £15.00

Advanced booking date 3
September 26th 2016
Adult Ticket: £45.00
Child Ticket£20.00

Gate Price
Adult Ticket: £50.00
Child tickets:£25.00

Crew tickets: £10.00 per event (please contact us if you wish to crew for any events, to check availability)


Old Station Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom


£10.00- £50.00

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