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PACT: Foothold PACT

Sep 2nd - Sep 4th 2016

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High Fantasy


After the success of the primary exploration group, a foothold was created in the new land.

However, there is a dark future ahead for the colonisation efforts. Only the first of the sixteen initial exploration groups returned to the mainland, the others loosing contact with the PACT. Since then, groups have sporadically gone missing, with no current known link between them.

Rumours spread of those who would claim this land for their own selfish wants, turning against their own nation in a bid for power. Spy rings tell the councils of citizens being smuggled into the new land, hoping for a better life.

Akronia grows restless as more and more dragons leave to explore on their own.

Panea does not act after reports of some of their men trying to claim the new land in their nation's name.

Tithos is divided as to how to treat the water elementals after three were transported back with the primary exploration party, with many seeing them as a threat to the great mana stones.

Cirrus questions their trust in their own element as more and more men and women go missing into thin air, reportedly after sightings of air elementals.

The balance of the four nations must be kept if the peace is to continue, and the PACT protected.




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