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The Shadows of the Empire Curious Pastimes

Jul 8th - Jul 10th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Curious Pastimes


High Fantasy


For several years now the various Mercenary groups have used a hitherto unnamed and unmapped island near the Forbidden Isles as a neutral ground to meet and to recover from the year’s events as well as a trading area free from Faction rules and interference. All are welcome here as long as they keep the peace.

For many years the Mercenary groups have been painfully aware that they as individuals, groups and even collectively don’t have the power to create items equivalent in power to the Factions Artefacts, and so they have been searching for such items or ways to make them without success.

All of that changed recently when it was discovered that there were two powerful items hidden on this very island! However all subsequent attempts to discover their nature have failed beyond establishing that one is an item of War and the other’s nature was difficult to discern as they are hidden on a part of the island that magic cannot seem to penetrate completely.

An expedition was launched to obtain these items but it soon became evident that it was beyond the power of the Mercenaries to defeat the traps, tricks and guardians left to protect these items.

Sadly a rogue group has sold their sword brothers and sisters out to the Crimson Rain and they are preparing a military expedition to recover these items for themselves!

So to avoid this catastrophic situation the Mercenaries invite all the allied Factions to the island to aid them in recovering the items and thwarting the Crimson Rain’s plans. Will you brave adventurer step forth to this challenge in the southern seas? Will your knowledge help to unlock the nature of these items and thus their power to aid your fellow free peoples in their struggles? If the answer is yes board the ships and sail south into new lands and new adventures.

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event.

The Ritual Circle at this event will be Mundane.

Catering Wagons/Self Catering Bar Toilets & Showers. Outdoor camping.


Crank Road
United Kingdom


Adults £50 prebooked, £60 on the gate, £30 day ticket

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01282 457946

Curious Pastimes
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