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The Depths of Goedwig Wyllt Curious Pastimes

Jun 10th - Jun 12th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Curious Pastimes


High Fantasy


The FirCruthen lands have been involved in a bloody Civil war for the past two years between the Forces of the Summer King and the Winter King. The lands of Cymrja have been seized from their rightful guardian Kayle, the Dragon of Cymrja by the nefarious Winter Queen Neevie Cu who now claims the title.

In the north the loyal Breag wild elves have begun to notice strange stirrings in their beloved forest, saplings don’t grow, old mighty oaks become brittle and frail and their young and old become sickly and weak with every passing day.

A dense mist creeps over the Elvesham border, moving further and further into the Breag lands with each passing day. Those who have ventured into the mist of its borders report terrifying tales of strange creatures and even stranger happenings within the mist, surely this doesn’t bode well for the Breag? Evil shadow creatures swarm in great numbers within the mist and attack anything they encounter mercilessly.

Who is behind this mist and its terrifying denizens? Could it be the Winter Queen, the Crimson Fae of Elevsham or something or somebody else with plans as yet unknown? Could this be a prelude to a larger conflict as yet to come involving the Fae? Will you brave adventurer travel to these distant lands to test your mettle against the adversary as yet unknown or will you sit by your fire and trust to others to ensure your safety?

Sharpen your blade, tighten your armour and prepare your spells and wits for the challenges that northern Cymrja will throw at you this spring!

Mixed Role-playing/Combat event.


Old Leek Road
Rushton Spencer
SK11 0RB
United Kingdom


Adults £50 prebooked, £60 on the gate, £30 day ticket

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01282 457946

Curious Pastimes
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