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The Fall of Mat Sellah (3YGB) Cambridge Larp Society

Jun 10th - Jun 12th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Cambridge Larp Society


High Fantasy


Mat Sellah, a strange island with stranger denizens, and arcane ruins, has now been in play for two years. To give this system, and game-world, a proper send-off, we announce the CLS Third Year Goodbye.

This event will involve the characters who are being played in the weekly system of No Flag No Country. However, we will be writing a number of pre-written briefs, in collaboration with interested parties, who will have back story tied into the event and other player characters. For the crew, there will be a number of long-running NPCs, who will be vital to the story as well.

As agents of the Continental Factions on Mat Sellah, you have discovered more about the Gods than you had once thought possible. You have even discovered a dead God, and the machinations of a society that no longer exists You have been witness to the rise of dangerous cults; break offs from the Churches and Nations, as well as menaces like the Fire Mages who aimed to burn the world. There have even been those who have attempted to rise anew as political titans, like the Church of the Transmuter, whilst the other Factions have been jostling each other for supremacy. Now, this will all come to a head at ‘The Fall of Mat Sellah’. There will be political wrangling, lots of God plot and puzzles, and of course the opportunity to bash living, and less so living, skulls together.

For a more spoiler filled description, please contact the organizers.


Church Lane
Little Abington
CB21 6BQ
United Kingdom


£60 to Character, £20 to Crew

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