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Odyssey: Persian Player Event Eyes of Darius

Jan 22nd - Jan 24th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

Eyes of Darius




Shah Farrokh Amjad of the Eyes of Darius invites you to his lands to celebrate the mighty Persian civilisation. There will be plenty of activities for those who enjoy them, and opportunities for leisure and enjoyment for those who would prefer that. There will doubtless be discussions of politics and current affairs, as well as the luxurious hospitality of the Shah of Lydia.

Persians from any of the Thousand Nations are welcome, of course, and are expected to abide by the laws of the land and respect the rule of the Shah-an-Shah - whichever one they follow.

Foreigners are welcome, with an invitation from a member of the Eyes of Darius; if you are Persian and would like to invite a foreign guest, please ask an Eye first! And, of course, they are expected to abide by local law.


Tickets cost £55 if you book and pay before 18th December 2015, or £60 thereafter. You'll be emailed payment details once you've booked; your place isn't confirmed until we've received payment.

This is a low/no combat (well, at least PvE combat!) player event. It will be run under Atlantis (rather than Arena) rules for injury, and follow PD's normal Odyssey rules and Player Event rules.


Blakely Lane
ST10 2PS
United Kingdom


£55 before December 18th, £60 thereafter

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