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Exaltation of Heaven's Queen - Carthage Odyssey Player Event IA IA Productions

Mar 11th - Mar 13th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

IA IA Productions


Low Fantasy


Behold the words of Mehib bint Tahtbirr of the Aynukmelita of Carthage, beloved daughter of the Melita, chosen as Heirophant of Revels by the Gods of Carthage -

To Carthaginians, select Foreigners and Others - People of the Middle Sea, greetings,

The End approaches. All that we knew is changing, the world bucks and writhes under powerful influence and will, and the future is unknown and unknowable. Demagogues and heretics speak of Eschaton and the end of Nations, the darkness gathers and the shadows are sharp. Carthage has paid her tithe, and we still stand, and we stand with our Gods.

The Gods have spoken, and made Their will known. They have chosen me as Heirophant of Revels with power over passion, and I shall serve Them.

You are invited to a gathering hosted by the Melita, She Who Returns, Mother-Queen of the Aynukmelita, to be held in her territory of Tarraco. Any foreigners wishing to attend should find and nominate a Carthaginian sponsor.
There shall be feasting, music, dancing, combat, puzzles and all pleasures of the flesh and spirit. Bring food and stories to share, and most importantly, bring your passions, both light and dark. Bring your suffering and agony, your joy and ecstasy, your precious pain and happiness - bring it all.

Join us for the Exaltation of Heaven’s Queen!



Maxstoke Lane
United Kingdom


£50 before January, £55 afterwards

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