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Auld Lang Syne The Dark Door

Jan 15th - Jan 17th 2016

Organiser / Campaign

The Dark Door




“News Years Eve is a traditional time steeped with mystery and wonder, a time to reflect on the year that has past and hopes for the year to come”

Those who attend New Years Eve at Rosehaugh House are united by ties of blood and friendship and shared loss. Twenty years ago at Christmas, the local countryside was ravaged by an outbreak of Typhoid Fever. The area was quarantined but the Whitehall family opened Rosehaugh to the sick. When the fever broke on New Years day those who survived promised to meet every year to remember those the lost and renew their friendship.

Every year they celebrate life with joy and laughter and raise a glass to absent friends

Players take the role of family members, neighbour's and servants attending a New Years Eve party in 1925. It is in event none of them would miss regardless of circumstance


Malham Tarn Field Centre
North Yorkshire
BD24 9PU
United Kingdom



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